COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 outbreak, Capital Football is keen to ensure that all participants are aware of actions implemented in relation to COVID-19.

3 Jun 2020 - Capital Football Circular 20200603-CIR-2020 Personal Accident Insurance Coverage—Player Insurance during Suspension of Football—If you want to train, you must be registered.

2 Jun 2020 - Dear Belwest Community,

On behalf of the Belwest committee I would like to provide a quick update to you all. Our club has been busy behind the scenes in the committee discussing the soccer 2020 season and trying to get things moving. Due to COVID-19 all community sport had to be stopped however in the recent weeks the restrictions have now been slightly relaxed in the ACT. Unfortunately there is a lot of red tape in order to get juniors and seniors back out on the park and kicking the ball around. Belwest has submitted our ‘Return to Football’ Guidelines to Capital Football and are awaiting approval. These guidelines outline what is allowed at training as per the current ACT Government approved Covid19 restriction guidelines.

Until we receive approval from Capital Football our hands are tied and no soccer is allowed under our club banner. Once we have approval we will circulate the guidelines via our various mediums including by email to all parents and players so you are aware of the rules before being able to go out and train.

As the restrictions and rules are changing daily we do not have a timeframe on when our ‘Return to Football’ guidelines will be approved but are hoping it will be in the coming week or so. Stage one approval is soccer training which the ACT Government has announced, upon approval by our club’s guidelines via Capital Football.

We will keep you informed of our progress and will update you hopefully in the coming days or weeks on the outcome of our submission to Capital Football and when you can return to soccer.

We hope everyone in our Belwest community are coping through these difficult times of COVID-19 and look forward to seeing your smiling faces sometime soon.

Kind Regards

Alysha Lockley


25 May 2020 - Before we get on the pitch there are a couple of things that we need to do prior to announcing training is starting.

  1. The ACT grounds are governed by TAMS, we made bookings early this year and they are still in place.
  2. Consistent with ACT clubs and the ruling of the Capital Football Board, each club must also prepare and submit to Capital Football a Return to Play in a COVID-safe Environment Plan, which is compliant with the NSW and ACT Government requirements.
  3. After we have developed our Plan, it needs to be checked by Capital Football. We will then be informed that we can commence training or that we need to make corrections to our Plan and resend it to be checked again. We will also publish the Plan on our Club website and promote its implementation directly to all participants.

Important note: Training cannot commence for any Club—ACT or NSW based—until after they get the go-ahead from Capital Football. Any club or team that does engage in training without getting permission to do so from Capital Football is conducting an unsanctioned activity. As such their members (e.g. players, coaches, volunteers and committee members) are not covered by Capital Football’s public liability or accident support insurance programs.

17 Mar 2020 - Capital Football - Temporary Grassroots Football Suspension until 14 Apr 2020, Message from Capital Football CEO Phil Brown

16 Mar 2020 - FFA’S COVID-19 Guidelines for Football

13 Mar 2020 - Read Capital Football's MEMO, which contains general advice on COVID-19.