Junior Match Cards

Please double check you have completed the Match Card fully.

All junior match cards must have the following information:


  • FFA Number
  • Last Name
  • Initial
  • Shirt Number

* If a player is not playing, please cross them off or they will be considered as having played


  • Full Name
  • FFA Number
  • Signature

* If club/team officials are unaware of their FFA Number please write TBA rather than leaving it vacant.

Note: Do not sign the Match Card prior to the Game, we have had instances where people have signed prior to the game and were not aware of the errors in scores until they were posted on the Ladder. If you sign it, you are certifying that the match card is true and correct. If you spot an error discuss with the Referee and other team’s manager and correct at the time. Also make sure that the Referee has their details filled out fully with their full name and FFA No.

Match Details:

  • Date
  • Kick Off Time
  • Age Group U
  • Division including any colour e.g. 2 Blue
  • Comp (Girls / Open) strike through the not applicable
  • Ground
  • Home Team
  • Away Team

The above information is important not just for Capital Football records but also for any insurance claims. Capital Football's Insurer Gow Gates may not accept a player’s participation if this information is not listed on the match card. It is also beneficial for junior referees to report effectively and efficiently any disciplinary matters that may arise during the fixture.

Teams who do not complete this information will be subject to a sanction as per the competition rules.

After every home game, put the white and blue copies of the Match Card and the Best and Fairest card into the Match Cards Box near the Canteen directly after the game.

Every away game, make sure the Match Card is correct with all of your teams information completed including team name and coach/manager details and all FFA Nos. You can put the green copy of the Match Card and the Best and Fairest card in the Match Cards Box at your next home game or if you are passing Latham before 5:30 pm each Saturday.

If you have any issues please email the Points Registrar (Junior Match cards) points-registrar@belwestsoccer.com