MiniRoos Under 10 to Juniors Under 18 Draws on SportsTG

Belwest BBQ and Canteen roster as at TBA

Belwest set up and pack down roster as at TBA

Junior Match Cards need to be completed properly please.

Team Manager Checklist/Guide

Field Locations

Committee and Support role contacts

Shirt Policy

Junior playing times

No Dogs allowed during games or training—on-the-spot fines of $75, can be as much as $750 per dog.

Capital Football Circular - 2020 Winter Football Referee Match Fees

About the game

Capital Football Travel and Event Sanctioning Policy, Event Sanction Form and Travel Sanction Form

MiniRoos website for the MiniRoos Rules and formats

2021 Capital Football Competition Regulations–Managers should have an understanding of the competition regulations for the local game.

Capital Football Disputes and Disciplinary Regulations–Coaches and Managers should have an understanding of these regulations as they also affect you.

My Football Club interactive elearning course for the Laws of the Game with video examples and, registering provides you with a certificate at the end of the course.

IFAB Laws of the Game 2018/2019–Managers should have an understanding of the Laws that govern the game that all other State and Local regulations are built on.

FFA Concussion Guidelines

FFA Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

FIFA Concussion Recognition Tool 5