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Under 12's – Under 18's Information

Dribl App (Download from the App Store on your phone and Activate your account using the details you registered with) Adli MiniRoos Under 10 to Junior League Under 18 Fixtures and Results 2022.

Dribl has replaced Sports TG as Capital Football's competition management system for match day operations including Team Sheets/Match Cards and Results, team selection and team official selection, among other things.

Capital Footbal Dribl For Competition Management Guides or go to Dribl Help (easier to use on a PC/Notebook/iPad) is available to help you get started on the essentials, contact Emma at rego@belwestsoccer.com or Collin at points-registrar@belwestsoccer.com or ask for us at Latham if you need additional help – we are all learning.

Capital Football Competition Regulations, also check out the 2023 Under 12 Playing Format and Rules.

Capital Football Disputes & Disciplinary Regulations

Forfeits: If a team forfeit a game they will receive a fine from Capital Football, in accordance with the Competition Regulations.

Junior Football for the Season Dates.

Weekly 321 Entry - Under 12 to Under 18 to be filled out at the end of each competition game

Field Layouts for Under 13 to Under 18. Under 12 will play the same field layout as Under 11.


The Belwest Foxes Soccer Club Inc. runs a competitive football program for youth generally aged eleven to seventeen. The program follows on from the MiniRoos program run for younger age groups, but participation in earlier programs is not a prerequisite. Game rules for the younger age groups continue to have some minor variations to the full rules to ensure players develop their skills over the years. This program has a competitive nature, but we still aim to play in a friendly environment and encourage team work and good sporting behaviour. Our aim is to allow players of all abilities to participate and enjoy the great game of football.

Belwest Registrations are open on Play Football www.playfootball.com.au


Games are played at the Latham playing fields for our home games and at the home fields of other clubs playing in the competition. Clubs are from all areas in Canberra and may also include clubs from surrounding areas. Games are played on Saturdays with the season commencing on 5th May and concluding on 9th Sept for the Under 10–Under 15 and the 15th Sept for the Under 16 and Under 18 in the grand final round.

Details about the kick-off time and duration of the games are in the Game Details table below. Games are played in two halves, with a 5 minute half time break. Coaches usually like to have players at the ground 15–30 minutes before a game to allow the team to warm up.


Training is usually once a week for the younger age groups and twice a week for the older players, where fitness becomes a more critical part of the game. The time and frequency of the training is determined by the coach.


Team numbers will vary based on the number of registrations received, usually having 15 as the maximum. There are 11 players allowed on the field, and 16 names allowed on the scorecard for any one game. Players are allocated to teams based on their age group, the package they select, their abilities and the number of registrations received. Player preferences, which you can provide during the registration process, are also taken into consideration.


Belwest provides team shirts. Belwest socks and shorts can be purchased from the merchandise store located at the Latham playing fields. Players typically wear something under their playing shirt, singlets through to skivvies are fine, especially when winter sets in. Please ensure anything visible is white only.

Shin pads are compulsory for all games and are also available from the merchandise store.

Players should also wear adequate football boots, preferably the types with multiple moulded studs, which provides a good level of stability. Belwest runs a second hand boot pool from the merchandise store.

If you wish to purchase a ball to practice with, please ensure you choose the correct size. This is indicated in the Game Details tables below.

Game Details

Note: Under 12 plays half field in 2023 check out the 2023 Under 12 Playing Format and Rules.

Age Kick Off Time Duration per Half Half Time Break Player Format Ball Size
Under 12 Open & Girls  1:45pm 30 min 5 min 9 v 9 4
Under 13 Open & Girls 12:30pm 30 min 5 min 11 v 11 4
Under 14 Open & Girls 1:45pm 35 min 5 min 11 v 11 5
Under 15 Open 3:10pm 40 min 5 min 11 v 11 5
Under 16 Girls 3:10pm 40 min 5 min 11 v 11 5
Under 18 Girls 3:10pm 40 min 5 min 11 v 11 5
Under 16 Open 3:10pm 45 min 5 min 11 v 11 5
Under 18 Open 3:10pm 45 min 5 min 11 v 11 5