MiniRoos U7 – U11

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Capital Football 2022 Competition Regulations

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Under 10–Under 11 

Dribl App (Download from the App Store on your phone and Activate your account using the details you registered with) Adli MiniRoos Under 10 to Junior League Under 18 Fixtures and Results 2022.

Dribl has replaced Sports TG as Capital Football's competition management system for match day operations including Team Sheets/Match Cards and Results, team selection and team official selection, among other things.

Capital Footbal Dribl For Competition Management Guides or go to Dribl Help (easier to use on a PC/Notebook/iPad) is available to help you get started on the essentials, contact Emma at or Collin at or ask for us at Latham if you need additional help – we are all learning.

Under 7 Draw

Under 7 Draw as at 29 Apr 2022

Under 8/9 Northside Girls Draws

Under 8/9 Girls Draw as at 12 Apr 2022

Under 8 Draws

Under 8 A—8 Team Draw as at 20 Apr 2022, game start time 9:45 am

  • Belwest Falcons
  • Belwest Eagles

Under 8 B—8 Team Draw as at 20 Apr 2022, game start time 9:45 am

  • Belwest Hawks
  • Belwest Owls

Under 8 C—10 Team Draw as at 27 Apr 2022 (No BYEs), game start time 9:45 am

  • Belwest Pythons
  • Belwest Taipans

Under 9 Draws

Under 9 A—10 Team Draw as at 20 Apr 2022, game start time 10:35 am

  • Belwest Lions
  • Belwest Leopards

Under 9 B—10 Team Draw as at 20 May 2022, game start time 10:35 am

  • Belwest Pumas
  • Belwest Raptors

Under 9 C—8 Team Draw as at 20 Apr 2022, game start time 10:35 am

  • Belwest Tigers

Team Managers/Coaches will organise parents to set up and take down fields as required so that games can start on time.

Fields Layout for Under 7 and instructions for field setup.

Fields Layout for Under 8 and Under 9 and instructions for field setup.

Fields Layout for Under 10 and Under 11 and instructions for field setup.

Registration for MiniRoos Under 7–Under 9

Go to Registration to secure your child's place.

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What is MiniRoos?

MiniRoos is a smaller version of football that provides boys and girls aged 4 - 11 with a fun introduction to the world game. If your son or daughter is aged between 4 and 11 they will play MiniRoos.

MiniRoos is designed for kids; it is all about having fun, learning new skills and making life-long friends. Delivered by grassroots clubs across Australia, MiniRoos provides opportunities for boys and girls of all abilities, shapes and sizes to play football. Football is the game that everyone can play, so get involved and become a MiniRoo today!

How will my children learn to play 11 v 11 if they are playing MiniRoos?

The progression through the MiniRoos formats of 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 is a sound educational method and process to ready your child to play 11v11. The progression helps players discover the differences in the size of the field and size of the goal and the benefits of having more space. It also helps children to learn to use different and well-developed techniques to play a more tactical game, as well as assisting them in understanding the role of different positions and determining what best suits them.

For more on the rules for age groups 4-7, 8 and 9, 10 and 11 and all the regulations re: playing times, pitch size and see the MiniRoos Club Resources.