All players, coaches, managers and volunteers must be registered on prior to Round 1

MiniRoos and Juniors Age Group Information—the age you turn this year

Aldi Miniroos


Age Group

Birth Year

Age Group

Birth Year

Under 5
Under 6


Under 12


Under 7


Under 13


Under 8


Under 14


Under 9


Under 15


Under 10


Under 16


Under 11


Under 17/18


If you wish to play in an all-girls team, you need to select the girls package thru or you will be placed in a mixed team. Capital Football will be having the following female age groups this season Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18. Belwest female only teams and age groups will be decided when enough registrations are received.

It is club policy that all players play in their correct age groups. Changes to this will be at the discretion of the committee/players registrar.

Registration Fees 2024—GST included in all fees

The Belwest Committee has decided to keep the fees the same as 2023 and to absorb the fee increases from Capital Football and the ACT ground fee increases to aid all those people suffering with the cost of living pressures. If you have a little extra spending money you can always buy an extra sausage or food/drinks at the canteen.

Registration for Coaches, Managers and Volunteers (Committee and Support roles) is free.

Junior Registration Fees

Miniroos Under 5–Under 6 $130 Miniroos Under 10–Under 11 $185
Miniroos Under 7–Under 9 $160 Competitive Under 12 $200
Competitive Under 13–Under 18 $250
Family Rate Juniors Only $450

Senior Registration Fees

Senior Womens Open $430 Senior Mens Open $430

Registration, Grading and Training

All players must be registered on prior to any trials or training for insurance purposes.

Senior Registration closes on 5th March 2024, make sure you are registered so we can allocate teams to Capital Football.

Juniors Registration (Under 10–Under 18) closes on 10th March 2024.

Juniors Under 10–Under 13 must be registered for Grading Sessions (please see Key Dates). Only players that attend the Grading Sessions will be able to play in graded teams (Division 1 and 2). All other players will be allocated places in the recreational teams.

Competitive Juniors (Under 12–Under 18) please make sure you are registered by the closing date to be guaranteed a space in a team. After this date places held/saved, will be released to registered players on a first come, first served basis.

Miniroos Under 5–Under 9 Registration closes on 29th March 2024, after this time there is no guarantee of space within teams.

Registration Payments

We request that all payments are to be made direct to the Club NOT online through Play Football. You can do this by selecting ‘pay at club’ upon registering via playfootball. An invoice will be issued and payment can be made by Direct Deposit into our account

Belwest Foxes Soccer Club Inc.
BSB 082906 
Account Number 515071959.

Payment plans are available for anyone who needs then. Please email the Registrar at now to request your Payment Plan.

All payments need to be finalized by 1st April 2024.



Photograph Required When Registering Players

A digital photo must be uploaded when registering players through If you have any issues regarding this please contact or see the help guide on the system.

Under 10 Age Specific Information

Belwest starts grading players and teams from the Under 10 age group. The transition from Under 9's to Under 10's can be difficult, as teams and players from Under 9's, who have sometimes played together since Under 5, are often split as a result of the grading. The grading process is vital to ensure players and teams are placed in the most appropriate playing level. Whilst grading players into new teams, previous teams and friendship requests are taken into account, the key factor utilised will be based on the players ability.

If a player wishes to be placed in a team solely on friendship requests, this can be requested, but may result in the player playing in a lower level than their ability. Please let the Registrar know prior to the Grading Sessions if a player wishes their friendships groups are to be the primary preference.

Dates of the Grading Sessions can be found in the Key Dates. All players must be registered thru to attend these Grading Sessions.

Grading and Preseason Team Allocations

Parents should read the Grading Policy and Parent Information to be familiar with Belwest Grading of Junior players Under 10 through Under 13.

All Grading/Preseason Team Allocations are at Latham Playing Fields, players must be registered on Play Football.

Check out the National Curriculum and FFA Coaching Resources, there is more for coaches in our coaches section.

See the Key Dates for the Grading and Preseason Team Allocations dates and times.

Who can you contact for further information

Contact Club Role Email Address
Krystal Dacey Club Registrar
Renee Osburne Secretary

Member Protection—Working with Vulnerable People Act

It is mandatory under the Working with Vulnerable People Act (WWVP) for all committee members, volunteers, coaches and managers to hold a current WWVP card.

You need to apply for the working with vulnerable people card via the ACT Government's Access Canberra website if you have not already done so. Please see our Member Protection information or contact a committee member for further information.

You will need to provide the WWVP card number and expiry date when you register as a volunteer, coach or manager and the card must be sighted by Belwest Secretary at the next available opportunity.

Merchandise and Boot Pool

All Club merchandise and the pre-loved Boot Pool will be available for purchase at Latham once the season starts, the shop will be opened from 9:00 am–12:30 pm Saturday morning only.

First Aid Certificate—New or Refresher

Belwest strongly encourages teams to have at least one person (or more) per team possess a current first aid certificate qualification. To assist with this, Belwest offers a free course for anyone wishing to fulfil this role for their team. This is a great opportunity to gain a recognised industry standard first aid certificate qualification that can also be applied elsewhere.

The course is made up of an online e-learning component with a test (2-3 hours) that must be completed and passed prior to the practical component, and a practical component which is scheduled for 6:00 pm on date TBA dependent on numbers.

Please complete the section when registering if you are interested thru or email

Canteen, BBQ, Latham Setup and Pack up

Belwest maintains a roster covering the morning and afternoon shifts for the canteen and BBQ. Each junior and senior team will be required to do at least one roster shift for the season.

Parents of Miniroos and Junior players will be rostered on to assist with setup and pack up of Latham each Saturday morning and afternoon.

Senior Men and Womens Teams

Men's and Women's training will commence 7 and 9 Feb 2024 and 6:30pm, then every Tuesday and Thursday at Scullin Ovals for the duration of the pre-season.

Permanent training grounds for the Seniors will be notified after the grounds are available in April.

You will need to register by 5 March 2024 to ensure that the correct team nominations are completed in time for the season start.

All senior players need to have their registrations processed and fees paid, or a payment plan in place, by Friday, 5 March 2024.  Do not delay, please contact

If you require a payment plan, please contact as soon as possible. Generally, we request a minimum of $150 to commence a payment plan.



Season starts for seniors as below:

  • Round 1 – Men's State League: Saturday, 6 April 2024
  • Round 1 – Women's State League: Sunday, 7 April 2024
  • Round 1 – Men's & Women's Masters: Sunday, 7 April 2024

If Capital Football fines Belwest as a result of misconduct by any Belwest player or official, Belwest may pass the fines to the individual player or official. Fines must be finalised before resuming play.


Why not earn some extra money! We are looking to increase the number of junior referees at Belwest. Referees have an important role in the game of football. Anyone interested in becoming referees please contact the Referees Coordinator,

Please visit for upcoming training dates.