Committee and Support

Here is the Belwest 2019 Committee and Support contact list. We have several positions still vacant and would welcome your help and involvement. All volunteers are supported in their roles by the rest of the Committee as we understand it can be a bit daunting, but you learn a lot and make lasting friendships. If you'd like to find out more, please contact Renee Osburne via

Committee Office Bearers

Committee Position Name E-Mail Address
President Shaun Comber
Vice President–Operations Alysha Lockley
Secretary Renee Osburne
Treasurer Karyn Ferraris
Junior League Coordinator Vacant - please apply
Registrar Emma Georgiou
Women’s League Coordinator Kerrie Murray
Men's League Coordinator Logan Hareb
Referee Coordinator Mathew Gadzinski
Coaching Director Andrew Ross
Equipment Officer (incl. Playing Strips) Sean McCaffrey
Communications Officer Renee Osburne

Support Positions

Support Position Name E-Mail Address
Member Protection Information Officer Mathew Pole
Technical Director Andrew Ross
Age Group Coordinator MiniRoos (Pre-school & Kindy) Amanda Cattanach
Age Group Coordinator U7 Jeshua Hollis
Age Group Coordinator U8 Vacant - please apply
Age Group Coordinator U9 Amanda Cattanach
Age Group Coordinator U10 Erika Valter
Age Group Coordinator U11 Vacant - please apply
Age Group Coordinator U12 - U13 Mathew Pole
Age Group Coordinator U14 - U15 Vacant - please apply
Age Group Coordinator U16 - U18 Stuart Wise
Points Registrar (Junior match cards) Collin Howell
Referee Allocation & Administration Peter O'Brien
Ground Bookings / Fixtures Brian Golledge
Events Coordinator Vacant - please apply
BBQ Coordinator Patrick Kruzins
Canteen Coordinators Daniele Comber /
Cindy O'Brien
Merchandising Kerrie McCaffrey
Website Collin Howell