Reduce Abuse

Capital Football is launching a RESPECT campaign to ‘Reduce Abuse’ across football.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and participate in football without being abused.

All interactions with players, officials, coaches, volunteers and Capital Football staff need to be respectful.

Abuse and disrespectful behaviour has no place in our game, and has got to stop.

Read The Statement from Capital Football

Respect Referees, We must change the culture in our game. This is only achievable together, in unity.

One story...

This season has shown the ugly, unacceptable and utterly disgusting side of our game. Every weekend there have been reports of abuse (verbal, physical and online) against our match officials. Clubs are fully aware of the low numbers of referees and availability for matches.

Referees are critical in football to facilitate a safe and enjoyable environment for participants. In short, our local game is in crisis and sadly instead of getting better it's getting worse.

Let all club officials, players, coaches, managers and spectators make it better and stop the abuse!